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SINGLE ROW RADIAL BALL BEARINGS are the most widely used bearings and utilize an uninterrupted raceway, which makes these bearings suitable for radial loads, or a combination of thrust and radial loads. This design permits precision tolerances even at high speed operation.
The cage in this bearing is pressed steel. For high speed bearings, machined brass cages are available. Bearings with locating snap rings are also available.
PRELUBRICATED BEARINGS have integral seals, or shields, which are packed with long-life grease. In many applications, these bearings may be used without supplementary seals, closures, or protective devices. This design offers the lowest possible manufacturing cost to
the consumer.
The boundary dimension of this type is the same as the corresponding bearings without the seals or shields.
SHIELDED BALL BEARINGS are protected on one, or both sides (suffixes Z and ZZ, respectively) by metal shields fastened to the outer ring. This close clearance labyrinth seal retains the lubricant
and prevents the entrance of foreign matter.
SEALED BALL BEARINGS incorporate steel reinforced rubber seals securely fastened to a groove on the outer ring. Contact with the inner ring is by sealing lip (Contact Suffix LLU). Or, non-contact with the inner ring is by labyrinth seal (Non-contact Suffix LLB) to provide positive sealing at all times.
SINGLE ROW ANGULAR CONTACT BALL BEARINGS feature raceways with high and low shoulders. These opposing raceways are designed to carry thrust load in one direction.
These bearings may be preloaded at the factory so that the correct preload will develop within the bearing.
The bearings in this series are assembled with a specific internal clearance so that they will have a speci  fied contact angle under load. The standard contact load used by NTN is 30°; bearings made to a 40° contact angle carry the suffix B.
For high speed grinding spindles, the 7000C, 7200C and the 7300C series are available. They are high accuracy bearings with a 15° contact angle, and phenolic resin cages for high speed operations.
BEARINGS have an inner and outer ring with a double raceway. The two rows are so related that the contact angle is similar to a pair of back-to-back single row bearings. The 5200 and 5300 series offer continuous races and can carry thrust loads in either direction. Since
the 3200 and 3300 series have filling slots, it is necessary to mount them with the thrust load acting against the unnotched face of the rings.
DOUBLE ROW SELF-ALIGNING BEARINGS utilize an inner ring with two rows of balls in two deep raceways, and an outer ring with a single spherical raceway. In this way, the inner and outer rings can be misaligned relative To each other. The resulting effect is a comparatively large angle imposing moment loads upon the balls.
The boundary dimensions of the 1200 and 1300 series are the same as the 6200 and 6300 single row deep groove bearings.

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CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARINGS have rollers which are essentially cylindrical in shape. This provides a modified line contact with the cylindrical inner and outer ring raceways, while the rollers are guided by ground ribs on either the inner or outer ring. The cylindrical shape allows the inner ring to have axial movement relative to the outer ring (except the NH type). This is especially important when accommodating thermal expansion when both rings must be press fitted.
In this series, the NJ, NF and NH types can carry light or intermittent thrust loads.
The NN3000 and NN3000K series are available in high precision tolerances and are well suited for use in machine tool spindles.


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